Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ramster Hall Wedding | Rupert and Fiona

A very special day indeed! Not only was it the wedding of the lovely Fiona and Rupert, but it was also my 30th birthday - the dedication and commitment ladies and gentlemen! 

Things kicked off at Liphook Golf Course where Rupert, best man Ben, brother-in-law-to-be Michael and father-in-law-to-be Nigel took on four fine holes in the morning drizzle. However, something seemed to be up with Rupert's game which peeked with a rather entertaining 12 stroke on a short hole - perhaps his thoughts were elsewhere?!
After the golf session I headed up to Haslemere to see how the girls were getting on. Fiona was super relaxed and everything was running like clockwork. The boys meanwhile were to be found having lunch at the White Horse and had an equally relaxing pint or two of Doombar in preparation for what was to come.

Now, as you can see it was wet. In fact it didn't stop raining all day. Yet this didn't faze Fiona, whose parent's house was just a few minutes from the church, she wanted to walk in her wellies! With a massive golf umbrella everything was kept dry and it was lovely moment to capture.
A traditional and elegant ceremony followed and Fiona's own work choir showcased their talent as well. 
Fast forward to the reception which was held at Ramster Hall, the perfect choice for a winter wedding, as it was very cosy and atmospheric inside. Jacaranda provided a faultless catering service. I had a brief chance to take a few pictures of Fiona and Rupert before they headed into the main room. I love the light in these pictures and the Christmas tree just visible in the background. 

Rupert and Fiona put on a wonderful display for the first dance which would have scored at least a 7 from Craig Revel Horwood. The band were the almighty Deloreons who I had the pleasure of shooting at Camilla and Nick's wedding just a few weeks before. And once again they managed to get everyone on the dance floor going for it...

And so it was that the end of the night drew close and Rupert whisked Fiona away to a brighter, sunnier future... starting in Mauritius! 
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hampshire Farm Wedding Photographs | Camilla & Nick

Camilla and Nick's was a wedding I had been looking forward to for a long time. I had met them back in 2009 at a wedding I shot on the Dorset coast where Nick was an usher. Fast forward to 2012 and we arrive in Fordingbridge, just outside the New Forest where Nick's family farm is. A wonderful day was in store for all...
Wedding detail shots in the marquee - Simon Biffen Photography
The marquee was HUGE and was decorated with beautiful local flowers. Of course being on a farm meant there was a few other things to photograph as well, not least, Fluffy the bull.
Around the farm - Simon Biffen Photography
Bridal preparation - Simon Biffen Photography
Camilla's preparations had her tucked away in the couple's house on the farm, and with excitement building she did well not to peer out the windows and see what the boys were up to, probably for the best though as sat in the yard was the biggest Massey Ferguson tractor I've ever seen and a very happy Nick, who'd convinced the local dealership to lend it to him (it was a 7620 Dyna 6 for you tractor aficionados!) 
Farm wedding tractor - Simon Biffen PhotographyOf course why have just have one tractor when you can have two? Nick brought his own smaller version out to play and together they formed the basis for the grand entrance to the marquee. What followed was an excellent effort by seven grown men to hang some bunting between the two tractors. Worth it in the end though chaps eh?!
Farm wedding tractor - Simon Biffen PhotographyWith the church ceremony approaching a quick spruce up was required and eventually Groom and his ushers made their way to the pub for a swift pint...
Groom and ushers preparations - Simon Biffen Photography

Ushers walking to the pub - Simon Biffen Photography
St Mary's Church has a very welcoming atmosphere and with guests filling every seat, even more so. The ceremony was a celebration of happiness and an added highlight was the truly breathtaking performance of Ave Maria by a close friend, moistening even the hardiest eyes. The confetti line, with 180 people throwing, meant the Bride and Groom were suitably plastered by the end of it.
Wedding ceremony St Marys Church, Fordingbridge - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding ceremony St Marys Church, Fordingbridge - Simon Biffen Photography
Back then to the farm where the newlyweds and I went off to get some splendid shots at some cool locations. The sun made a glancing appearance for us, just long enough to add a touch of Autumnal warmth...
Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography
Bride & Groom on the farm - Simon Biffen Photography
Bride & Groom on the farm - Simon Biffen Photography
Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography

Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography

Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography

Bride & Groom portraits - Simon Biffen Photography
Camilla and Nick were keen to have a less formal shot of the bridesmaids and ushers, so happy to get creative I used the tractor bunting entrance as the stage. The result is pretty cool and definitely beats a traditional group photograph.
Wedding creative group shot - Simon Biffen Photography
Drinks, canapes and laughter were to be found back in the marquee and soon everyone was led through and seated in anticipation of the speeches. They didn't disappoint. Originality and delivery is key to a good speech and in this case all the speakers held their own, riding the crowds applause, heckles and cheers.
Wedding reception - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding speeches - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding speeches - Simon Biffen Photography
Farmers love their meat and Nick is no exception! A great idea for the main course was the specially selected carver for each table, not forgetting their fetching apron to match. These chosen few had the responsibility of carving the joints and dishing them out much to the rest of the tables amusement.
Wedding breakfast - Simon Biffen Photography
The dancing followed and what a night it became! A great first dance opened the flood gates to a a fantastic effort from all ages on the dance floor. The Deloreons truly rocked with their 8-piece band and the partying went well into the night. 
Wedding first dance - Simon Biffen Photography
The Deloreons - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding dancing - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding dancing - Simon Biffen Photography
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Monday, 5 November 2012

Bovisand wedding photography - Beth and James

And so it was on the sixth day of October in the year two thousand and twelve that Beth and James were declared married. 

Here is the story of their day over four locations and two ceremonies...

Proceedings started in Totness at the Friend's Meeting House. Beth is a Quaker and this was my first experience of a Quaker wedding. It is a very peaceful ceremony, with a remarkable silence allowing Friends and family alike to reflect before giving words of love, support or guidance for the couple. No photographs are permitted during the service and this actually allowed me to take in importance of the event as well. Everyone present then signs the Quaker marriage certificate, which is written in beautiful calligraphy. With a Registrar present the marriage paperwork is done afterwards to make it a legal binding. 
Following this we headed to Bovisand Lodge Estate for the preparations. James manages the estate and holiday park here. It is set in a beautiful location with sea views and has beach access. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to get photographs with the couple down here, (but never fear, another beach was on hand later!)
Whilst James was already dressed and ready to go, Beth meanwhile had an outfit change hair and makeup to do.

Bridal preparation
On next to the quite sublime St Werburgh's Church, Wembury that is located right on the south Devon coast. As they had already completed the legal part of the wedding ceremony this church blessing meant that this presented the rare treat of Bride and Groom entering the church together! A touching service followed and concluded with a surprise guard of honour outside with the chaps from James' old rowing club using oars instead!

After the formal group shots I whisked Beth and James away for some alone time and a chance to get some really special images. The sun was racing towards the horizon and giving us a wonderful light to play with. We even managed to head down to the beach below the church and got some really beautiful moments.

The wedding reception was held in a wonderful Tentipi in Down Thomas. I love these tents, they always create a good atmosphere inside. There was also a chill out tent for the children and a booze tent for the adults! A fire-pit in the main tent kept us warm and marshmallows were on hand for those with a sweet tooth. The delightful wedding sponge cake looked incredible.
Wedding tentipi

With some additional wireless flashes I was able to get a nice fill light on the speakers during the speeches and this complimented the band's colourful strobes on the tent.

The first dance shifted in tempo half way through and elicited a rapturous applause from the cheering guests who then hit the dance floor themselves to the band's cool sounds.

It is special thing to find two people so genuine, kind and welcoming. Beth and James really made me feel like part of the family and their warmth and care is shared with everyone they meet. I'd like to congratulate them on an awesome wedding and for allowing me to capture it in the best way I know how. It was a real treat.

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