Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A little different...

This is one of my favourite shots from 2010. I adore the story behind it: the groom's gentlemanly act, the rain, the bride hiking up her dress and the viewpoint.

But hang about, should I? Because I did wonder when I first took it whether I should actually have deleted it. I mean, where are their heads?! Surely that is a faux pas and is something you should always include? Well, I thought so once, but then I couldn't help but like it and I'm constantly drawn to the appeal of not seeing their heads. Instead it makes you take in more of the detail and what is happening, which is what a photograph should do. Tell a story.

Should every photograph be perfectly composed? No, not always and actually sometimes a rather more interesting shot comes about. What do you think?

Tim and Rachel's Wedding

A glorious country wedding down in Dorset for Rachel and Tim. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was made to feel very welcome.

Awesome little wedding car and I was lucky enough to sneak in behind them as they left the church so passing through the avenue of beech trees at Badbury Rings I managed to get a few shots of the car ahead of me (whilst driving myself!) and there wasn't another car in sight. Perfect!

A stunning National Trust home met us on our arrival at the reception and with the gardens reaching the river, it really was idyllic. Got some great photographs right into the night and drove back to be home by midnight. Phew! Enjoy these chosen shots of the day...

Wedding Slideshow Mix 2010

I know it's a bit late but as the saying goes...

So, here are a few wedding highlights from last year.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Be Prepared

The Scouts motto of 'Be prepared' is also sound advice for photographers of all kinds, but rings true even more for wedding photographers. Being ready at the right moment is crucial. There are rarely second chances at weddings: you can't ask the bride to throw her bouquet again or Uncle Jim to crack that outrageous joke one more time because you were checking out the last shot you took.

These moments are unique, they can sometimes happen only for a split second and are then lost. Managing to take a photo of these moments and combining it with an interesting viewpoint or using the light in a unique way are what makes an image stand out and should be the difference between your photographer and the guests and why you have a professional photographer taking your wedding pictures.

I guess this to be a good time to plug my own photography?! Here are a few images of special moments I have captured at weddings to show that I strive to be in the right place at the right time! None of these shots are posed, they are all natural.

Flower girl hide & seek
Bride and Groom share a tender moment

 Girls giving it some welly
Grandfather's pride
              Usher shows his support for the newly weds                     

   Ushers share a joke with the Groom
                          Bridal preparations                          

Serious space hopping action